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I Miss The America I Grew Up In - a beautiful poem by ANDY G. CARR

I Miss The America I Grew Up In

I miss the America I grew up in, I'm ready to reclaim it now,
Ready to put the government back in it's place, quiet the rabble rousing media somehow.

Take away all the contrived and planned fear, the control of our each and every word,
Speak again as people with backbone and grit, to our politicians let our voices be heard.

Take back our institutions of learning, ignore the vaunted Ivy League ways,
Let teachers rule the roost and teach, equip our kids for all of their days.

Instill again the values of trade and skill, remove the stigma from good hard work,
Teach that all can be part of a community team, let none their opportunities shirk.

Again let welfare serve only those in need, restore the value of good garden ground,
Let chickens lay with them that wish, let barter everywhere be found.

Let opinions be nothing more than that, never a weapon or tool shall they be,
May each person know the value of others, from sea to shining sea.